Reibai Izuna

Associated Names
Reibai Izuna (霊媒師いずな)
Izuna: The Spiritual Medium
Izuna Hazuki is a 17 year old high school Itako, a group of people in tune with spirits, that works in the city as a Reibaishi. There are evil spirits in the world that take advantage of people’s insecurities, emotional stress and weakness. These evil spirits take over people and enhance their negative energy, eventually harming themselves and the people around them. Some evil spirits make young girls looking to be in the spotlight into arsonists and other spirits tap into men’s sexual desires to make them into monsters. Izuna’s job is to use her ability as a Reibaishi and remove the spirits that are taking advantage of humans. Using her Kuda, a fox like spirit pet that detects and destroys evil spirits, and her own abilities, Izuna shines the light in the darkness between fantasy and reality.
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Zettai Saikyou ☆ Oppai Sensou!!

[ポニーR×softhouse-seal GRANDEE] ぜったい最胸☆おっぱい戦争!!
Zettai Saikyou ☆ Oppai Sensou!!
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